Individual House Owner


 Vatinagulapally, Hyderabad


Individual Home 

Site Area

1250 sq.. meters

Rooftop Area

250 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

5 Lac Litres

Result - Savings Annually

4,27,500 litres Rainwater saved
2,01,600 rupees Monetary savings
Water Tankers Saved


The site had huge volumes of stormwater runoffs which were not channelized or stored properly.  There was also no proper common sewage disposal system.


Rainwater Harvesting: With VES testing, we identified a good source point for creating an injection bore.


We also installed an inline filter FL300 to filter the rooftop rainwater and store it in a dedicated rainwater sump of size 10 cu meter, for reuse.


Wastewater Treatment: We installed a 2 KLD PSTP for decentralized treatment of sewage.