A Gated Community


 Narsingi, Hyderabad, Telangana


Gated Community

Site Area

38.5 acres

Rooftop Area

85,000 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

11.1 crore litres

Result - Savings Annually

1.35 crore litres Rainwater saved

Rs.21.6 lac
Monetary savings

Water Tankers


There was no space to provide a rainwater storage tank. So, we needed to come up with innovative ideas to address the situation.


Rainwater Harvesting: We proposed Modular Harvesting Tanks, using modern technology to store rainwater for reuse. These modular tanks are built out of high-quality, recycled polypropylene. They are laid underground in appropriate sizes, wrapped in a liner, and then covered with soil. Rainwater enters the tanks after going through a desilting filter.

Being underground, it leaves the surface area of the property free for movement and landscaping. The tanks can bear the load of vehicular traffic and parking.

Recycled building materials, minimum maintenance and the modular system make this a very eco-friendly and sustainable solution.