Let's Build Water Sustainable Cities

At The Rainwater Project, we offer end-to-end solutions from design to execution for rainwater harvesting, wastewater reuse and integrated water management solutions. We offer design and execution services, thus bridging the gap between the proposal and the implementation. We also work at restoring natural water bodies and structure.

Consultation > Execution > Restoration

Consultation on Water Management Techniques

We visit and assess your site conditions, map groundwater aquifers, and then design a solution best suitable for your site. Since we have a strong design background, we provide solutions that are innovative, functional, and aesthetical, going beyond the standard, cookie cutter solutions.


Execution of Water Management Techniques

Rainwater from rooftops and balconies are collected and filtered, and channelised to a recharge pit, thus recharging the groundwater. Dead borewells are recharged. Grey water is channelised to be recycled and reused for toilet flush water and landscaping.

We also offer turn-key solutions for execution of :

  • Rainwater harvesting structures and
  • Wastewater treatment plants such as PSTPs, STPs and ETPs.

Restoration of Water Bodies and Structures

Our country has a network of rivers, lakes, ponds, manmade tanks and wells, that help provide water year-round. However, over the years, these natural bodies and structures are vanishing, due to neglect or encroachment.

We have located and identified various such lakes and wells in Telangana and have cleaned and restored them to their past splendour, hence ensuring long-term water solutions for the neighbourhoods.