The Rainwater Project is a one-stop source for design and execution of sustainable rainwater harvesting and integrated water management techniques.

Our solutions are site specific, backed by scientific data, employ age old tried and trusted practices as well as new innovative methods to help you manage water scarcity on your site. Our foundation is built on the idea of conserving water and protecting its natural resources from depletion.

Lets Make Your Site More Water Positive

The Vision

To achieve water self-reliance through sustainable water management practices aligning to UN and Indian SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Our aim is to build water sustainable cities, block by block.

The Mission

Our mission is to help individuals, communities, corporates, government bodies to achieve water sustainability by providing rainwater harvesting techniques that are specific for your site by applying the three R’s to water management and make your site a zero-discharge property.


We are architects and designers by training. Our approach to Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) and water management are not just scientific, but aesthetical and functional as well. 

The Team

The Rainwater Project is made up of a passionate and dedicated team of architects, designers, urban planners, environmentalists, working in collaboration with geologists, hydrologists, watershed analysts, civil engineers, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) consultants.

Kalpana Ramesh

Also known as the Water Warrior, Kalpana Ramesh is a designer turned environmentalist. Seeing the grave situation of water scarcity in the city of Hyderabad, Kalpana started working towards spreading awareness and creating sensitivity about rainwater harvesting in the city. After 5 years of research and active work, she founded The Rainwater Project, a social enterprise to provide complete water management solutions.



Kalpana is also a core member of SAHE (Society for Advancement of Human Endeavours). Her efforts in the field of water awareness have garnered her various prestigious awards.



Sanjana Jain,

Architect and Urban Planner

Sanjana is an architect, with a Masters in Urban Planning from CEPT, Ahmedabad, India. With two years of experience in sustainable development, she is now pursuing water conservation with The Rainwater Project.

Tejaswini Jagabathula, 

Architect and Designer

Tejaswini is an architect, having graduated from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. With over 3 years of work experience in the design industry. She is currently focused on developing water sensitive urban spaces and regenerative design.

Venkatesh Vinnakota,

Project Supervisor

Venkatesh, with around 5 years of work experience, is our site supervisor. He manages our sites and the various teams at site. He is a self-taught photographer and nature enthusiast and takes on the added job of photographing our sites.


Vijay Kumar Thurram,

Architect and Urban Planner

Vijay is an architect, with a Masters in City Planning from IIT Kharagpur. With over one year of work experience in the design industry, he is currently focused on developing sustainable water management practices for urban spaces.