Individual House Owner


Manikonda, Hyderabad, Telangana



Rooftop Area

275 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

6.02 lac litres

Result - Savings Annually

90,000 litres Rainwater Saved
Rs. 1.42 lac Monetary savings
Water Tankers Saved


The site is located in the heart of the fast-growing area of Manikonda in the city of Hyderabad. the inhabitants face water shortage because the borewells have dried up. They are dependent on water tankers in the summer months. They also generate a lot of wastewaters which goes down the drains,

Daily water consumption by 10 people: 2 KLD

Daily wastewater generated: 1.6 KLD


Rainwater Harvesting: A coal filter, 4’ x 2.5’ x 2’5’ was added to the existing water chamber. Majority of the water from the rooftops (almost 63%) is collected from the existing downspout and channelised into the water chamber to be reused, after passing through the coal filter.

The balance 27% of the rooftop water is sent to a recharge pit next to the borewell, located outside the compound wall.


Wastewater Treatment: We installed an underground PSTP to treat the black and grey water. It cleans 1500 to 1800 litres of water each day which is used for gardening and other secondary uses, thus reducing the load on the borewell.