Bansilalpet Well


Bhoiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana



Annual Rainwater Potential

35.0 lac Litres

Result - Savings Annually

35.0 Lac Litres of Rainwater


Stepwells are subterranean structures that were primarily meant to access, manage and conserve groundwater. Some of the stepwells built during the medieval ages were beautifully detailed, ornamented and stand as testimonies of excellent craftsmanship and architectural heritage.Through the ages they evolved in size and form to accomodate large public gatherings, religious ceremonies and spaces for pleasure and relaxation.


One such Stepwell at Bansilalpet known as ‘Nagannakunta’ needs our attention.


An 18th century Stepwell at Bansilalpet, Secunderabad (Nagannakunta) has been neglected for decades .This well represents the heritage of Telangana region in water centric development of Human settlements. This beautiful monument is in deplorable condition , dilapitated, damaged and submerged in garbage and litter


The need to conserve and protect our subterranean heritage structures is of utmost importance in the sustainable development of cities. 

Besides being relics of history, step wells can still play an important role to recharge ground water and hence still of extreme significance in the present day context.


It is important to study the soil ,water table and carry out underground aquifer mapping to understand the extent to which restoration works will improve / affect the groundwater condition.


Holistic restoration of the baoli involves the following:

  • Cleaning of plastics and other waste in and around the stepwell.
  • Dewatering and Desilting the well
  • Stone Cleaning and Removal of plant material and vegetation growth from the structure.
  • Structural strengthening of retaining walls.
  • Rebuilding the damaged /collapsed portion of the well.
  • Lime Plaster finishing work.
  • Qualitative upliftment of area around the well through paving, landscape, signages.
  • Awareness and education workshops for community living around the well to ensure a careful appreciation of the cultural and environmental importance of the historic structure.


Connecting communities to water is pertinent for long-term Sustainability.