Individual House Owner


Kollur, Hyderabad


Individual Home

Rooftop Area

488 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

18.34 Lac Litres

Site Area

1.45 Acres

Result - Savings Annually

18,00,000 liters
Rainwater saved

INR 3,24,000
Monetary savings

Water Tankers Saved


  •  The site does not address rainwater management holistically.

  •  Existing harvesting pits are not connected with the feed of the water.

  • The site experiences a huge amount of water logging, bringing in silt and sand from the road.


A cut off trench was built to collect runoff water from the road and is passed through a desilting chamber.This water is then sent to the open well constructed around an existing dead bore through trenches and silt traps to recharge it.

The rainwater from the rooftops is filtered with the help of an inline filter FL100 and channelized through trenches and flows to the existing recharge pit and helps replenish the groundwater. The overflow from the sump is also channelized with the trenches and then allowed to flow to the existing recharge pit and helps replenish the groundwater.

This water can be used for domestic uses such as washing, gardening etc.

In this way, water from rooftops and storm runoff is being tapped for reuse through effective water management structures.


The water from the roads have been channelled, filtered and captured within the site to the well and can be reused and recharged.