Aneesha Nandagiri hills


Nandagiri Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 


Individual Home 

Site Area

450 sq. meters

Rooftop Area

450 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

4,95,000 litres

Result - Savings Annually

Rainwater saved

89,100 rupees
Monetary savings

Water Tankers Saved


  • There are existing balancing tanks for water body and greywater collection sump – 2 cum 

  • Greywater collection sump collects water from bathroom sinks and shower areas only. 


A cement ring recharge pit was built so that back flow water from the water body can be directed to it or can be reused for watering the plants /car wash.

The overflow water from the rainwater sump can be directed to the cement ring pit or the modular recharge pit that was also built.

A desilting chamber and microfilter was built to connect rooftop rainwater pipe and direct it towards the modular recharge pit around the injection bore.

Greywater treatment was recommended to reuse the treated water for landscaping.


These interventions enabled the annual rainwater potential of 4.95 lakh litres of rainwater to be recharged. The site also recycles and  reuses the greywater from the bathrooms sinks and shower areas for landscaping purposes.