Individual House Owner


Rolling Hills, Gachibowli, Hyderabad


Individual Home in a Gated Community

Rooftop Area

130 sqm

Annual Rainwater Potential

1,17,000 litres

Result - Savings Annually

1,11,150 liters Rainwater saved
INR 59400 Monetary savings
Water Tankers Saved


The rainwater was allowed to flow onto the road and drains and the site had no water management/ harvesting structures.


Rainwater Harvesting: The aim was to tap the rooftop rainwater, filter and store it for reuse.

The water collected from the rooftops through the interconnected down take pipes are passed through a coal filter and then collected in a dedicated rainwater sump. This water can be used for domestic uses such as washing, gardening etc.


Rainwater, which is the purest form of water on earth, when passed through the coal filter is fit for drinking as well.


Wastewater Treatment: We installed a 1KLD GWT (Grey Water Treatment) Plant on the site. This treats the wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom (baths and sinks) which is then used for gardening and other secondary uses.