Farm Owner


Siddulure Village, Vikarabad District, Telangana

Site Area

175 acres


Resort and Farmland


A plan for sustainable water resource management at land scale level as well as at a model plot level was required.


This is a unique project that aims to offer a luxurious and nature-friendly week-end getaway to city dwellers.

We provided the following recommendations and action points as a sustainable water resource management plan:

1. Increase the area of water bodies to ensure that all water needs (recreation/ recharge/ utilities/ basic) are addressed.

2. Focus on shallow aquifer management by conserving rainwater in situ in various small and big reservoirs, to increase the soil moisture.
groundwater potential and availability of surface water in open wells.

3. In high demand areas, the available groundwater resources are not adequate to meet everyday demands. There is a supply deficit in these scenarios. On the other hand, there is a positive balance in case of low demand scenario for both groundwater and rainwater It is important to carefully look at the land use proposals and acquire new lands for augmenting groundwater supply.

4. Recycling of used water is an important part of demand supply management. If considerable efforts are not made on recycling of used water, horticulture plants/ part of the domestic needs may not be met.

5. Similarly, using 100% of rainwater from roof tops is another
important supply option. In all scenarios, rainwater conservation is considered at constant quantities, as this is largely related to basic needs; luxury pools and water conservation efforts (at plot level and resort level).

6. A Permaculture orchard management plan was also given as part of the master plan.