53ft x 50ft x 70ft

Capacity 0f the Well

30 Lac Liters

Result - Savings Annually

45 lac litres (from a 0.25sq. km of surrounding land)
Runoff Potential
30 lac litres, around 65% of the runoff potential. Capacity of the well


This stepwell was one of the 3 wells in the Goshala that was used to water the livestock consisting of 2000 cows. This well had been severed from the Goshala premises due to development of roads infrastructure. It got neglected and got filled with garbage and silt. 




  • The well was cleared of the garbage and the wild vegetation growing around it and desilted.

Almost 500 tonnes of garbage were removed.

  • The well was dewatered. This water was used in the Goshala as well as by the municipality to water plants by the roads.
  • The well was desilted and at almost 70ft depth the base of the well was reached, which has natural aquifers.
  • The wall of the well has been raised 3’ and enforced with a 6’ high fencing to avoid accidents yet provide an easy view of it.
  • The surrounding area are made greener with plantations under Haritha Haram scheme by the government.


Rainwater Harvesting: To keep the well healthy and running and serving its purpose, the runoff water must be captured, filtered, and allowed into the well.


  • The well is at a downward slope. A lot of water from the 100ft road flows towards the well. An 18” X 18” trench is made at the periphery of the well to capture the runoff from the road.
  • This water is passed through silt traps and then channelised into a series of recharge pits.
  • A large rectangular recharge pit with injection bore is also given where the maximum water flows from the road to recharge the ground levels.