Bolaram, Hyderabad, Telangana


Factory, Grain Industry

Daily Water Consumption

8.1 KLD

Site Area

6460 sq. meters

Rooftop Area

3000 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

58.14 lac litres

Daily Wastewater Generated

6.48 KLD

Result - Savings Annually

36 lac litres Rainwater saved
6,97,500 rupees Monetary savings

Water Tankers


The site lacked rainwater and wastewater management.


We provided an integrated water management solution, capturing rainwater and treating wastewater.

Rainwater Harvesting: We built Recharge Pits around dead borewells. The runoff from roads sloped towards the stormwater grates/channels are channelised to the recharge pits which have injection bores to replenish ground water aquifers.

The rainwater from the rooftops of the factory is channelized through a desilting chamber with a microfilter and then allowed to flow to a modular sump and stored. This water can be reused for secondary purposes in the factory including staff quarters and other utilities.


Wastewater Recycling: A PSTP designed for a capacity of 5000 litres a day is built. The sewage water from the staff quarters, administrative building and driver’s lounge is treated with 2 packaged sewage treatment plants of capacity 2KLD and 3KLD in situ. The treated water from the STP is then reused for gardening and other purposes.