Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana



Total Water Consumption

4.46 crore litres

Site Area

79 acres

Rooftop Area of Sheds

13,301 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

8.67 lac litres

Result - Savings Annually

1.39 crore litres Water Recharge from rooftops
7.28 crore litres Water recharged from Runoff


The wells inside the Goshala are heavily silted with algal blooms.  They need to be revived to open the aquifer layers.


The existing bores are very inefficient during summers; hence the Goshala is dependent on tankers to feed their livestock. 


The top layer of the soil has caked up, not allowing for water percolation into the ground.


Restoration: All open wells must be de-silted and deepened from time to time. They need to be repaired and renovated. These simple regular maintenance practices rejuvenate these wells.

The Water balance in the Goshala is positive when roof water and run off water are combined. i.e., the water availability is more than the demand. By conserving/harvesting the entire rooftop and rainwater, the Goshala can be water sufficient.

The greenery in the Goshala can be significantly improved. For this, they may collaborate with Municipal Authorities and benefit from Haritha Haram Scheme of Government of Telangana.


Rainwater Harvesting: It is proposed to construct at least 3 sumps of 1 lac litres capacity each to harvest rooftop rainwater. The overflow water from these sumps can be diverted to open wells in the campus. This arrangement will harvest 139 lakh litres of water in sumps and open wells.