Manikonda, Hyderabad


Commercial Complex 

Site Area

1750 sq. meters

Rooftop Area

1200 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

15.75 lac litres

Result - Savings Annually

14,96,250 litres
Rainwater saved

58,14,00 rupees
Monetary savings

Water Tankers


This commercial site has enough potential to recharge rainwater and recycle the wastewater which is at present thrown into the drains. It has a potential to become a zero-discharge site.


Rainwater Harvesting:
As per our assessment we proposed a multi action design solution.

A 40KLD bore sump is proposed to be used for storing Manjeera water, while the existing 100KLD sump is to be used for storing rainwater and borewell water.

Runoffs from ramps and roads are proposed to be channelized and connected to the seepage tanks which can be regularly pumped to the proposed recharge pit of size 6.5’ x 8’x 10’ with an injection bore.

Planter boxes with cut-off trenches and grates are proposed all around the site boundary. The water collected in the cut-off trench/channel with grating are channelised and collected in the seepage sump and can be pumped to the recharge pits at regular intervals.

The water from the rooftop downpipes is channelised to the existing seepage tank and then flows to the proposed recharge pit (10’ X 6.5’ X 8’) with injection bore.

Wastewater Recycling:
A 5 KLD STP is proposed in the North-East direction of the site to recycle their water and reuse it for secondary purposes.