Poultry Farm Owner


Thimmapur, Telangana, India



Site Area

70 acres

Rooftop Area

12,449 sq. meters

Green Area

2,70,831 sq. meters

Annual Rainwater Potential

12.2 crore litres


The surface runoff from the site washes out onto the roads, instead of recharging ground water or being collected for reuse.


Rainwater Harvesting: The site has 3 working bores and a dead bore. Recharge pits were proposed around these bores, which gets charged from runoff water channelised through trenches around the periphery of the plot. The water from the roofs is also collected to the recharge pits around the bores near the sheds. We introduced Bioswales, as a sustainable way to collect and convey stormwater run-off, while clearing the water of debris and pollution.


By implementing simple harvesting techniques like bioswales and rain gardens the ground water levels of a site can be highly enhanced.


Proper management of our water resources can keep us water positive for generations to come.