Contextualizing Nature Based Solutions


The Rainwater Project has been instrumental in looking at local and nature based solutions for sustainable living. One such project has been at the locality near Kudikunta Lake. For this project, local solutions have been developed for sewage generated in a locality.

Agencies had been working towards rejuvenation for 5 long years, with this intervention now having a sewage diversion and fifty percent of treated water from a remote STP set up at Palapitta park.

This is designed to pump back into the lake to maintain the lake, hence, addressing the hydrological aspect. The rest of treated water will be given to Palapitta Park for plantation maintenance and also excess may be sent to the lake in the park which fully dries up in summer months.

On the similar lines, another polluted lake near Palapitta park also will be taken up for treatment with the same STP. Following this, a meeting with CGM, HMWSSB water board was held in the month of October for initiating a survey for installation of collection tanks for STP.   

It gives us immense pleasure to receive a positive response from the Government driving a big change. In the longer run, groundwater pollution will be reduced and health and environment will be restored in a big way, thus combating climate change.